Has anyone found a way to integrate Grammarly into storyline to check their work? I have heard of people making it work on other software that it is not specifically designed for. 

I can use chrome extension in tools like rise and review because they are web-based but no luck anywhere else without copying and pasting all of my content back and forth.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Ah, you were looking to have Grammarly change the content on the slide itself?  That has not worked for me either, nor would I expect it. Also, the Word export will use images as the slide placeholders but you could look at exporting for Translation as Grammarly would interface with that in the Word doc. 

Peter Johnson

Thanks Ashley, the exporting for translation works well.

Check the timeline for each slide so you know each object is in the correct order. This is the order they will show up in the Word doc.

I used that, unchecking the box for "Include 'Original Text' column for reference.
Once the .docx file was ready I removed all the extra columns and then used the Table tab convert the table to plain text. (

Once I have just the text I highlight it all (CTRL A) and set the font, font-size, and color to be the same.

With just the text in the Word document I run the Grammarly plugin in Word (make sure you are not using dual monitors....) and make the edits in Storyline based on the Word document.  I also use this corrected Word document for my voice actor's script.