Graphic State Issue

Dec 21, 2017

I seem to constantly be running into issues with states... This time I have a menu, and the tabs are graphics.  Normal state is a bright green graphic, hover state is a dark green graphic, and visited state is a grey graphic.  Once I click to initiate the visited state, whenever the hover state is triggered it goes over top of the visited state, which is an issue.  

I am using the built in Hover and Visited states, so I have not added any custom triggers.

How can I either, A) disable the hover state once the visited state has been triggered, or B) get the hover state to display correctly instead of over top of the visited state?

I've included a story file, a screenshot of the different states, and a screencast of the behavior.



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Ramona Meyer

Thanks for your response!  It was interesting to see the details of how hover vs. visited works for the built in states.  Unfortunately this didn't quite work for me, as I had graphics instead of buttons, and the hover graphic was not just a different color but also much longer in size.  

I did get it to work using custom states and adding triggers.  

Ramona Meyer

Thanks for your response, Walt!  I was trying to stick with built-in states, just because I thought some of my past issues with state changes might have been due to over-complicating it with too many custom states and triggers.

But I was able to get it to work this time simply by building the custom states and adding triggers.

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