Graphical hotpsots

Apr 11, 2016

Hello, has anyone experienced buttons starting to go wrong even when built correctly?

I have different graphics for different states, they work before any triggers are applied but as soon as I do that they fail to respond - usually to the hover state. Also selected until something else is clicked.

I'm having to put triggers to make them resppond as per state.

Can storyline run out of memory or something - it isnt a huge file 40 slides?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steven,

I'd also look at not adding triggers to control showing the state as that could cause other unexpected behavior. You can read more about the definitions and descriptions here. 

Also, if you're still having difficulty we're happy to take a look if you can upload the file here using the "add attachment" button. 

David Schwartz

What about this? I replaced your Selected state with the Down state, and it seems to work as expected (since you are already using the Visited state, I was not clear on the use of Selected). 

The Hover state was strange, as it totally covered other states. Did you create a new graphic for that? I tried replacing it with a copy of the normal state, and added a glow effect.

Also, deleted that 2nd arrow and copied the third back to it, as the 2nd one was acting inexplicably. Maybe an RFT (random funny thing) error ;-).

Hope this helps.

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