Graphics size changes when I cut and paste

Sometimes, when I cut a graphic from one slide to another, the size of the graphic changes. Besides being irritating, it's a productivity killer.

What's going on? Why does our logo graphic, fro example, change from 38 x 26 pixels to 48 x 33 pixels?

I've mostly seen this on Master slides but the same thing happens if I move the graphic to a regular slide and cut and paste it. 

Also, 90% of the time, the copied graphic pastes into the same exact location as the slide from where I copied it but 10% of the time, it posts it at some random location. This is another productivity killer. Adjusting one graphic that doesn't paste in the same place to ensure proper slide-to-slide registration takes longer than pasting 20 or 30 of them when they paste in the same location.

Is there anything I can do to prevent either of these from happening?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

Are you just copying the graphic on it's own, or is it connected to other elements or within a state? If you're able to confirm that you're working on local project files as described here, using a DPI of 96 and have your slide set to 100% zoom and still having difficulty I'd be happy to take a look at the file to see if I can replicate it on my system. Can you share a couple slides with images you've seen this happen with? 

Christopher Wiseman

I'm encountering this issue too. When I copy any items from a Master slide across to a slide in a scene, the sizes are different. In addition, when I duplicate some icons and mirror them (arrows for example), the orientation flips back and forth when I move them around.


i5 3.2 Ghz | 8Gb RAM | Windows 10 | 96 DPI | Local HD

Crystal Horn

Hi Christopher.  I was able to replicate some inconsistency with copying objects from a master slide layout in the master view to a new slide in slide view.

So that I can document this behavior properly, can you let me know about your process?  Tell me a little about why you chose to copy from a master layout rather than applying the layout to that slide.

Christopher Wiseman

When using a master template, we can't move any of the template items around or change them as easily. We don't use the standard player due to its restricted ability to alter the look and feel, so we use our own navigation buttons on each slide. Rather than have a seperate master slide for every possible combination of buttons on each slide, we just copy the appropriate button from the main master (which ahs all of them) and incorporate it into the scene/slide as needed. This also allows us to change colours and other states on each as we go, rather than having uneditable masters.

Christopher Wiseman

Here's a good one...

Both the blue boxes are 18x17px, and are at Y=388. The maroon bar is also at y=388.

The first image shows the editor where they're *almost* lined up (there's at least one pixel difference between the boxes despite being at the same Y co-ordinate. This makes it incredibly hard to align objects.

The second image shows the scene slide, with the template applied.

The third image is the desktop preview where is is clear that either the boxes have moved, or the original position identification (X/Y co-ordinate) is incorrect. Everything looks normal though, but I suspect at least an entire pixel row has been cropped from the bottom of the slide displayed

The fourth image is the iPad preview, but now you can see a 1px row of maroon below the blue bottons. This is the row I suspect was cropped out.

Remember, the blue buttons and the maroon bar are all at y=388, and are 17px high. There should be NO blue above the moroon in the build stage, and no maroon below the blue in the preview.

Can you help?

Crystal Horn

Awesome, thanks for that example, Christopher!  I'll get this written up for the team to evaluate.  It seems like there's an issue with copying and pasting objects from slide masters, as well as the pixel alignment issue we've discussed as well.

As an alternative, what if you formatted a regular slide in an "extra" scene and treated it as a master?  If you copied and pasted from that normal slide, I would expect the objects to copy over consistently from slide to slide - they did in my test setup.

Let me know how you make out.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Henry.  Are you having trouble with objects appearing aligned between the slide authoring stage and the preview and output stages?  Is this behavior specific to copying items from a master slide layout to a normal slide?

If you're able to share a .story file with me, that will help with further documenting this issue.  Thanks!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Henry, 

Both of the issues that Christopher shared were reported in this latest update, and the specifics are: 

  • When copying objects from slide master view to slide view the sizes are different. Also, items that were placed in slide master as normal textboxes with text appear to become placeholders when copied over and don't contain original content.
  •  Slide object alignment is off by 1 pixel in HTML5 output

So we'll let you know here once we have information on either of those issues! 

Christopher Wiseman

Hi Ashley!

I made a story file above that shows that it's not just related to the HTML5 output, but occurs when in the editing phase. The x,y coordinates don't match up to the resolution of the slide. For example, two objects can be on the same X coordinate (one above the other) and they will be out of alignment.

If you have a moment, have a look at my comments in this thread here:

and the storyline file I made to illustrate it:

Let me know what you think?

Vincent Scoma

Hi Christopher and Mark, 

I am happy to share that the issue where copying objects from the slide master view to the slide view produced inconsistent results is now resolved! 

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline.

If the problem reappears, please let us know! We are happy to help!