Graphs and percentages

Jul 11, 2014


Yet again I have a question.

I am building a course that has a personality indicator. There are 5 categories, So I currently have 5 variables, and on each question there is a trigger that adds 1 to the corresponding variable. This is straight forward and simple.

However now I would like to know if it is possible to have it linking to a excel sheet that creates a graph from this or to have a result page that gives a percentage out of 100 for each of the variables? so if Introvert has 6 and the rest of the variables have 1 each I would have a slide that states the user is 60% introverted and 10% for each of the rest.

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Michael Hinze

I think your error is here:

"Multiply Introvert by 100 - when introvert changes."

The introvert variable is changed not on the results slide, but on any of the previous slides. So, on the results slide this trigger would not fire.

Try changing it to: Multiply Introvert by 100 - when timeline starts.

If your results are not completely unpredictable, you could try to use Storyline to create a simple graphs, as shown in this example here.

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