Gray cast to videos in HTML5 exports

Hi there! I'm having some trouble with HTML5 outputs. The only similar forum post I could find about this is here, and I'm not using FF. I'm using Chrome.

The videos in the HTML5 files of my lesson have this weird gray cast. However, the HTML file's videos look fine.

I tried exporting my videos as .mov and .mp4, and I also tried changing the video compression settings to "none" and publishing the lesson at the highest quality to limit compression. This has to be happening during publishing, because the videos look fine everywhere except the HTML5 file.

From the timeline:


The published HTML5 output:

HTML output:

Any ideas what might be happening and how to fix it?

I even tried following a process we used for videos in a previous lesson from a long time ago when we were using Final Cut to edit and export (we use Premiere now, and we export with Adobe Media Encoder.) These older videos don't have the gray cast in HTML5. They were exported from Final Cut Pro using Prores 422 HQ, then compressed in Compressor using the H.264 for Apple Devices preset. Then their file types were changed from .m4v to .mp4 so the Storyline video compression settings could be set to "none," since that setting is only allowed for .mp4 files.


So I exported a video from Adobe Media Encoder with Prores 422 HQ, used the same settings in Compressor that was used on the old videos, changed the file type to .mp4, and inserted it into Storyline. And it showed up like this:

What the Sam Hill is going on there?

I've attached a Storyline file with sample videos of all kinds, plus the HTML and HTML5 outputs published at the highest resolution.

Hope someone can help!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Kate -- Thanks for reaching out here and for the details on the behavior you are experiencing. I see that you mentioned that you intended to share a file, but I do not see it attached here. You could edit your original post to include it, or even use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box to share. 

Mike B.

I had created the other thread you referenced, but I don't think we ever figured out what was causing the problem. It happened only while viewing the HTML5 output in FF, which is an unsupported combination. Btw, our video were embedded from the Wistia hosting service and not placed directly into the project.