Great product lousy licence

I recently had to evaluate for our department Articulate and Captivate, I was asked to do this without involving the price and after looking into both programmes Articulate came out on top and that was my recommendation

Since then however it appears Articulate is considerably more expensive than Captivate, which would not have deterred us from the purchase however the licence does.  We work in an IT training department, we have primary jobs, our e-learning is secondary and to have a licence per person is just about the most ridiculous thing I've come across.  I could go on about the flaws in this agreement for ages but I guess its just not worth it, great product and great licence if you have a specific person in your organisation who is solely responsible for producing e-learning, great produce lousy licence if you want to install it on a specific pc for any member of the team to use.  Needless to say you aren't getting our order

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Bruce Graham

Hi Mike, and welcome to the forums.

Whilst I can appreciate your frustrations, there may be better ways to go about expressing it.

It may be worth contacting your sales organisation, (you should have received details when you got the Trial version).

Contacting them, discussing your issues, and having some tactful negotiation may prove fruitful. I cannot promise anything, as I do not work for or on behalf of Articulate, however, some tact and diplomacy may provide you with a solution - I'm sure you are not the first person to come across this limitation of the standard licence.

Good luck in your quest for the perfect licence-to-product ratio. I've been searching for it for many many years.