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Dear Friends,

We are sharing here a course developed using Storyline with distinct approach used from instructional design, visual design and navigational aspects considering learners focus on multi-device. We have customised the interface look and feel, navigational features, interactions, and using photos & backgrounds to create real scenarios effectively. Please see a short note on the course to understand what learner can expect and approach taken. We are also happy to hear feedback.

Course Link 1  


What learner can expect: Explore the different audio strategies available for use and be able to select the strategy that is most relevant to a an eLearning/mLearning.

Approach: Branched scenarios are used to present different viewpoints or perspectives learners will have when defining right audio strategy for an eLearning. These scenarios allow learners to interact with the content, make choices and take one learning path versus the other. Also include appropriate and descriptive feedback on the decisions taken on each scenario checkpoint.


Course Link 2 


What learner can expect: Understand the key components of a storyboarding process by instructional designers, the tips and guidelines for creating an effective storyboard


Approach: A Story based approach or storytorial approach is used to engage learners with the content.

1.     Focus is to grab and retains learner attention throughout the course.

2.     Make learning fun and interactive in the process

3.     Have high retention of the concepts covered in the course (the logic being, you will always remember a good story)


Can anyone help me how to upload this course in below link, we are keen to see Storyline usage of customers.

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Mike Enders

Hi Sinchu,

And thanks for sharing your work in the community!  We love it when folks share as it can serve as an inspiration for others! 

In fact, we have a pretty active thread where community members are sharing their portfolios with one another.  It looks like you've posted there, but I'll link to it for others who are viewing this thread.



subramani k

Hi Mike/Emily,

This is Subramani K working as Operations Head at EI Design. Myteam member Sinchu has been in constant touch in Storyline forum and we thoughtit would be good to share our live courses. We look for your support to take itfurther to share our experience using Storyline and also looking for prospectsinterested in such kind of custom design solutions.


Subramani K