Great white upper space in moodle

Hi... we have a problem that is getting us mad. We are trying to adjust in the correct way the storyline courses on ipad and smartphone... after a lot of test and modifying the course html files and options in moodle, we have these  working on tablet but in Iphone there is no way to adjust it. When the articulate player loads, moodle or the files or I don't know put a lot of white pixels (arrows) above the player as you can see in the images and the user mut scroll down wich is not desirable.

Is there any course in the articulate web, some demo that we can download to test if we doing something wrong in our courses?, although the options in the storyline in very clear (we are testing all the possibilities with the adjust players options)

Thanks for help!!!

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Juanjo Haro

Hi, Dan...

Yesterday, we install the latest compilation of Moodle 2.6. 

The issue is with IOS7:

In tablet (with ios7) the height is ok but it cuts a few pixels in the right (minimal)

In smartphone (iphone 4) the width is ok but in the height, happens what you see in the captures above.

Hope you can smash this heartache

Thanks, Dan!