Grey background between multiple slides on HTML5 Only published project

Hi All,

I'm very new to Storyline, and I need some help with publishing.

I have a  small project with 22 slides. Muliple slides have animations and audio. Some have embedded videos.

When I publish my project and look it in 360 review HTML 5 , I get a flash of a grey background just before the intro slide which has embedded video and audio. I also seem to get the same thing between a lot of the other slides. It's grey background with 3 dots on it. I don't have a transition between slides. I have no idea how to get rid of this.  I've viewed the published project with 3 different browsers and the effect is still there. Please can you experts help me.

I can't post the whole project here, I'm sorry.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sue!

It sounds like the media on the slides is loading slowly! No worries, we can help! 

I've seen similar issues that were related to network and internet speed. Have you tried viewing the course using a different internet connection?

Also, how are you publishing the file? Web, LMS, Review 360, etc. 

When previewing the course in Storyline, are you noticing any delay? 

We'll figure this out together!