Grey box with web object

I have a number of videos embedded into a course that are being deployed through the LearnDash LMS. When I load the project into LearnDash, the first time I go through it when I get to the slides that have the videos on them I get the grey "web object" box. I can click on the web object box and launch the videos just fine. If I go to that slide again, the video preview image shows the way it should. How do I get the video preview image to show up on the first time the slide is visited instead of the grey web object box?

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Whitney Lowe

Update...I have found out some more information that may be relevant on this. I think the problem may actually be with the embed code we were using from our video host (SproutVideo). We heard back from them and they said we have to manually adjust the embed code to work in Articulate projects (which I didn't know). We have some other videos on Vimeo that appear to be working just fine with their native embed code, so I think it is actually an issue with the video host embed code.