Grey Circle in multiple choice selection

Apr 24, 2020

Hi fellow Storyline users,

I'm hoping someone can jump in on this for me. I've created multiple choice questions and in the one question there is a grey circle around the radio button for the last answer (E). This so happens to be the correct answer and the grey circle looks like it indicates that. Why is it grey and how do I get rid of it? I noticed that any questions I add after answer E are also with a grey circle. What am I missing here?

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Jan Lua

Hi Charlotte,

From what I can tell from the information you provided as well as the screenshot, the formatting of the last button changed and when you are adding another choice, you are using that same format which is causing the following choices to have the same grey circle as well.

You can check on the object states of the radio buttons by clicking on one of the buttons and clicking states at the bottom of Storyline to check if the grey circle appears among any of the states. If it doesn't, try removing the last two choices and copying one of the buttons above and see if the issue continues to occur.

If after copying a fresh button, the grey circle still appears, the trigger you are using for the correct answer might be causing it.

If you can send us a screenshot of the triggers, states, or if you could share the story, we can look further into it.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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