Grey line around web object

Feb 18, 2016

Hiya i know this has been discussed before, i couldn't find the definitive answer to my problem.

Please see attached image to see the grey line around the web object in IE11 and chrome. Note that IE 11 doesn't display the web object at all......! it is a canvas file from flash CC.

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Lisa Anderson

Hi Tim,I know it's been a while since you posted and you've probably found a solution on one of the links Christie provided. I ran into this problem yesterday and rather than do the timely work around-s mentioned in the links, I simply inserted a rectangle shape for the top, bottom and sides long enough and only wide enough to cover the lines. Nudge them slightly over the lines and they go away.  In my case, I formatted the rectangles black to match my background.  Saved a ton of time and it worked just fine!

For anyone else who stumbles upon the same issue, at lease there's a quick solution, until you actually do the ones suggested in the links Christie provided.

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