Group or package Storyline projects for LMS

Something came up here in the office today regarding how our multiple-project courses (for example, new hire or new worker courses with several modules each) appear in our LMS.  When we publish a UPK-developed course, UPK gives us the option to 'Group for LMS'...which places lots of UPK modules/sections together and they appear in one table of contents list when published in our PeopleSoft LMS.  Like this:


Is there a similar option in Storyline (or Presenter) to 'group' several Storyline (or Prensenter) projects together for the Table of Contents, allowing the learners to launch each project seperately from there?  This allows completion and scoring to be done per project, but the whole list of projects are available.  Here's the Table of Contents looks like with our current Presenter and Storyline publish process:


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Gerry Wasiluk


Storyline has no capability to make multi-AU (for AICC) or multi-SCO (for SCORM) courses.

IMVHO, this is something that is sorely needed.    It was something that I asked about during the beta.  But Articulate said I was the only person requesting this in Articulate products in the last couple of years.  (Feature request hint.)  So I can't blame them for not having this in Storyline.

That said, you need a third-party utility to create the mult-SCO package.  I looked at a few and ended up using Simple SCORM Packager.

It was easier to use than the rest but still a tad complicated.  Also, it's not free, but, again, it was the best I found so it was worth the money to me.

Used it a couple weeks back to deliver 10-SCO SCORM 1.2 package to a client.  (You can also do SCORM 2004 with it.)

You can download a trial version and create, if I remember right, 5 or 10 packages.

The key I found to using it was to create a master folder for your project.  Then, under the master folder, have the individual Storyline published SCORM modules in their own subfolders.  Then start the program and point to the master folder first and then the subfolders later when adding the modules.

Calvin Lo

hi gerry, this is 4 years ago so it's a long shot for you to answer my question.

i tried SSP to put together a bunch of storyline projects, each with its own quiz. uploaded it on the lms but tracking doesn't work. no completion, quiz passing not recorded, not even resume last slide visited... i'm wondering if you did anything special to your scorm package.

Gerry Wasiluk

I'm still here, more or less, off mainly in the "hinderlands . . ."  ;)

Been a while since I used SSP.  So, I remember publishing all the individual Storyline courses to SCORM 1.2.   Because we were using Saba, had to make two edits for that LMS.  Then used SSP to package everything together.

Does a single module published to SCORM 1.2 work in your LMS?  Does your LMS support multi-modules? 


Calvin Lo

hey thanks for replying. i appreciate it.

we got it to work now. turns out that our tester was using a non-student account to view the course so progress wasn't tracked. now have to fork $99 for this little piece of software. 

may i ask though what two edits you did for Saba LMS in case we encounter a client using Saba?

Gerry Wasiluk

Great.  Good work.

For Saba (and not sure this is needed for the newer versions of Saba or not--it was needed for Saba 5.x) . . . 

After publishing and before zipping up the course, go to your published output and . . .

1) In the imsmanifest.xml file, only if the course has a final quiz, using a text editor (I like NotePad++) remove just the passing score.  Should be in a line like this example (where 80 = 80% required to pass):


After the edit, you should just have this:


Some folks also choose to remove the entire line.

2.  Then go the SCORMFunctions.js file in the LMS folder and edit it with a text editor.  Look for this line near the top:

var SCORM_SUSPEND = "suspend";

Remove just the work suspend so you end up with this:


(Articulate also has a replacement SCORMFunctions.js file for use with Saba in the Storyline KB.  I find this works just as well.)


After done editing, zip up the course and load in the LMS and test.


Hope this helps.  BEST! :)