Grouped Icons and States/Layers?

Hello! I am hoping someone might be able to help me solve an issue!

I have taken a generic storyline template that had clickable icons. Previously, the icons were grouped, and clicking anywhere on the icon changed the state and showed a layer. That's great!

I have replaced the little images within the icon, and regrouped them. They still show the correct layer regardless of where I click, but the state only changes if I click the main circle rather than anywhere in the grouped icon. 

In the image I've attached you can see two green icons (3 and 6), these are showing the layer when I click, but not changing the state color when I click. For whatever reason all the other icons you can click anywhere in the "group" and the state will change. 

Any suggestions for me? And yes, they're all grouped :)


I'm having the same issue with another template. For this one, there's no pics within the icons. Everything is grouped accordingly. But it seems to alternate between where you need to click to make the layer appear and the state change. It's supposed to be the entire group and it works on some. But in other it only works if you click the text, or the icon. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephanie,

Triggers on groups can be tricky, especially when the group already had a trigger, and then you change one object in the group. 

Try these steps for the groups that are misbehaving:

  • Ungroup the objects
  • Delete the associated trigger
  • Regroup the objects
  • Add the trigger back to the group

If you're still having trouble after trying those steps, could you share a sample file with me? I'd like to take a closer look. Thanks!

Stephanie Brown

Thank you so much, I actually had tried that and it didn't work.  :(

What I ended up doing was totally deleting the buttons in the second image/slide (the one with the mermaid) and putting them in again and assigning the triggers to them. 

I haven't quite figured out that first one though. I've attached samples of the issues I'm having :)


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for allowing me to take a peek at your file. I noticed some inconsistencies with the grouping on slide 1.1, so I ungrouped and regrouped each icon set. Now you can click anywhere in the icon, and the hover color will appear. 

On slide 1.2, the image of the mermaid was on top of some of the circles, which prevented clicking on them. To fix this, I sent the image to the back, and now you can click on the circles to reveal the layers.

Check out the changes I made to your file in the attachment. Let me know how it works for you!