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     I need some help. On my slide I created a few triggers. When the user clicks on the triggers it will take them to another layer. The slide will have the scroll feature. I have not added the scroll function yet. I want the triggers to remain in place when the user scrolls. I don't know how to do that. I guess my question is how can I stop my triggers from moving when the user scrolls down the page? I don't want the triggers to move down the page as the user scrolls. FYI I am using Storyline 3

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Tom Kuhlmann

The triggers are assigned to something. I assume you have them on buttons that the user clicks. If you have the buttons on the main slide and jump to a layer, the object on the base layer is not going to move when the user scrolls. 

If you want to share the slide, it will be easier to see what you're trying to do.