Groups that share translation/scale across layers.

I'm working with a "fill in the blank" type question, where the base layer has the hotspot over a text box that says "select," and to simulate prefilled questions a new layer turns on with the answers when it's clicked. 

My issue is that I have multiple fill in the blank questions over multiple slides. Since each question is different I have to move the hotspot and select box to the blank. Then I have to open the layer, and move all the answers to the appropriate spot. Not awful, but quite tedious, especially with multiple layers.

Is there a way to group objects in different layers so they share translation/scale?

Is there a way to select objects on a different layer while you're in a layer?

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Zak,

This is not a direct answer to your questions, rather a different approach.

Instead of using Layers, use States.

In your hotspot object, add a new state. Name it whatever you like. For this example, let's name it "answer".

Since your hotspot will be positioned relative to the 'blanks' on each question, it doesn't matter its actual position on the slide. In the "answer" State of the hotspot object, put the text/phrase that needs to fill that blank.

Add a simple trigger for the hotspot: "Change the State of [hotspotQ1] to [answer] when the user clicks"

Next, just copy the hotspot object from one question to the next question in your project > edit the State > change the word/phrase. Since you're copying the hotspot object the trigger will carry with it.

Give that a whirl.

Zak Robinson

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for the response. I'm going to attach a slide to show you what I mean, since I don't think I explained it well. I'm already using the states with that logic, and changing the original object to reflect it. Maybe you have a better way to do a drop-down menu than I'm currently doing?

But when you look at the project, imagine I have another another 15 graphs to display over the next 15 slides, and each of them have different answers, and not all are 3 drop downs and 5 drop downs. Also every question is a different length so the boxes continue to move....I think when you open it you'll see.