Guidance on how to move from Storyline to PowerPoint

First, let me say I am just getting started on learning Storyline, however I am old enough to remember 'green' screens.  I want to learn and use Storyline, however I am working towards a presentation in two weeks and as I learn Storyline I am thinking of how to incorporate a scene (multiple characters with dialogue bubbles) from Stroyline into the Power Point presentation.  Obviously somewhere in a tutorial I will probably learn this, but before getting to that point (Note being a Male and an Engr. I can sometimes tend to skip the Instruction Manual) I was hoping someone might be able to provide me high level guidance. Such as develop the scene in Storyline and import into PP, if that is possible. Or import the other Power Point slides into Storyline and develop the scene there around the other slides.  Just looking for advice from those how have experience. Thanks.  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Denny!

Hopefully some members of the community will be able to chime in and assist you here. 

Can you explain why you are thinking you need to mix the two, or how this e-Learning will be shared with the end user. I think it just comes down to which platform works best for the environment.

Here is a comparison of the products if it helps.