Hand and not mouse pointer on some quiz slides

Hi, I have a test mode recording of a software simulations where the learner clicks a hotspot to both submit the interraction and go to the next slide.

On some the mouse, is a pointer and on others it is a hand.  The shape doesn't seem to be connected to the hotspot itself, but to the slide.

I am trying to achieve a simulation where the learner has to perform a set of actions to navigate an application and I would like the mouse to be a pointer throughout, and not show as a hand on some and a pointer on others.

Any ideas?

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Pablo Sánchez

Hi Kari, I'm not sure I understood correctly. You're using hotspots, and when hovering over them, some show a "Hand Cursor" and others an "Arrow Cursor"?

If this is your issue, right click on your Hotspots. There's a checkbox for Show Hand Cursor on Hover. Check or uncheck depending on what you need for your project.

Hope that helps!

Kari Lawless

Thank you for your reply

Unfortunately, this is not the issue.  The hotspots are not marked as show hand cursor.  The hand is visible wherever it is on the slide, not only over a hotspot.  So on some slides the user's mouse displays as a hand and on other as a pointer.  It seems to be a slide property rather than being a specific hotspot property.  The issues seems to be when I convert a slide to Freeform (hotspot). The actual recording slides have a correct mouse pointer.  Sometimes I need to insert a slide in a sequence, and this is a stand alone, which I convert to a Freeform.  When the user moves their mouse over this slide it shows as a hand.