Handling a quiz split into two sections

Aug 12, 2020

I have a training course that covers two topics.  I want to have a 5 question quiz at the end of each, that would combine to get a single result, for credit in our LMS.  This is easy, if they pass on the first try, my problem is if they need to retry the quiz.  So they click retry, the results are reset,  and they are taken to the first set of questions.  When the finish this section, they have to go through all of the second training to get to the second quiz.  Is there a way to activate a button only if they are retrying the quiz...something that would allow them to go from question 5 to question 6 directly, but only if they've visited them all before, or have clicked the retry quiz button?

I want to make sure everyone sees all of the content the first time through, but the second time, they could go right from quiz part 1 to quiz part 2.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, James,

The simplest solution: Have them take the 1st quiz at the end of the 1st topic. If they don't pass, they have to retake the quiz. If they pass, they can proceed to the 2nd topic. After they finish the 2nd topic, they take the 2nd quiz, which they have to retake until they pass. At that point, for tracking completion, you could use a Results slide that tracks the Results slides from topics 1 & 2 (see image below). Or you could just use a completion trigger (if you have Storyline 360). 

However, it is also possible to do what you asked: use one result slide, reset both quizzes at the same time, and have the user only step through the quiz questions. 

To do that, you'd have to use a variable to track whether or not the user was retaking the quiz (vs reviewing all content). On the last question of the 1st quiz, you'd also have to use multiple triggers with conditions to control whether the user advances to the topic-2 content content (for the first time through), or advances only to the first topic-2 question (when retaking the quiz). 

If you're not familiar with variables and conditions, you can learn about them in the Tutorials and User Guides (https://community.articulate.com/articles/tutorials-and-documentation). It's worth the time, because they provide the real power in the program. 

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