Handling Client Reviews and QA of Long Branching Scenarios

We're building an in-depth branching exercise on giving a tour. It will likely go about 10-15 slides deep and be about 60+ slides wide. A choose your own story, of sorts.

Obviously, with that many slides, there are literally dozens of ways the user could go. 

We're presenting all the content to the client using MindMap, which will illustrate all the branching, for the design phase. But how about the development phase? What's the best way to prove every path works? How about even QA'ing, it's virtually impossible to go down every bunny trail.

Sure someone's solved for this before, so would love your wisdom. Thanks!

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Phil Mayor

From a QA point you will likely have to go down each path, I don't know of any way to make this easier, and if you don't test every possibility you cannot be certain it all works.

I presume you are using variables to track routes. One thing I use in these situations is  a lightbox slide that is added as a debug to the player as a tab, this lightbox would include references for all variables so you can quickly see the values and also have the ability to change these variables with buttons etc, obviously you would disable this when you give to the client.

For client review I would look at something like review my elearning