Handling Short Answer Quiz Questions

I am trying to use short-answer quiz questions in a module;

However, we are finding that users who are using the 'Enter' key to start a new line of text

in the box provided on-screen, trigger the 'Submit' button prematurely.

We've tried using the Shift+Enter, Ctl+Enter etc. but it doesn't allow the user to start a new line.

Wondering if Storyline has a solution to this. 

Looking at page triggers, there's nothing that specifies a trigger when the User clicks 'Enter'.

The trigger is set to activate when the User clicks 'Submit'.

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Jarryd Cunningham

In the "edit text entry" field (im assuming thats what you are using), at the the bottom of the page above the feedback, there should be a section that says "submit key".

One way of going about it would be to change that key to something unorthodox, like the "Print scrn" button. Or just check that the "submit Key" isnt set to "enter".