Handling Time-Out/Network Disconnection between course and LMS (Oracle OLM)


I'm not sure if you are able to assist.  Our IT technical team have asked me to connect them to Storyline technical advice as they are searching for a solution to manage an LMS connectivity issue.  I have been advised, in Oracle OLM, a ping is received every-time a trigger is actioned (eg: Next) however if the course remains inactive (ie: no triggers)  after a period of 10-minutes, the connection between the content server and the OLM catalogue (recording progress and completion) is lost.  Unfortunately what that means is if a learner takes a phone-call, or walks away for 10-minutes, and then returns to the course - they can still play the course without knowing the connection has been lost.  When the course is completed - the completion command is not received because the content has essentially timed out.  IT team would like to investigate:

1. Can Storyline in any way provide an error message if there is inactivity for 10+ minutes - prompting the learner to log-out and log back in again?

2. For connection issues that produce error (eg: CTP Bad request - that can be returned if there is a session expiry) is there any suggestions on if the Storyline course can redirect to a web-page (eg: LMS login-page).

Thank you.




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