Hanging on publish - 'compressing image x'

I am republishing some courses for LMS because videos embedded in them no longer work. However, that isn't the current problem - with one of them, when it gets to the point in the progress bar 'compressing image 13 of  31' - it never gets any further. I have to use task manager to close the application.

Thinking I maybe had a corrupt file, I was going to ask you lovely folk how to work out which image was image 13 - but before doing that I tried the obvious way - counted through the ones I could see in scene order, deleted what I assume is the last, then published again - 

Publishing hangs on 'compressing image 12 of 31'

Does anybody please have any idea how I might identify the offending image? My only other option that I can think of is to copy the thing page by page into a new storyline file and publish it each time until it sticks, but I think that might take from now until the end of eternity and frankly, it's Friday.

Please help :(

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erin! Thanks for reaching out to us. Very smart move to copy sections into a new file - this will help you pinpoint the slide that is causing issues. 

You mentioned you wanted to start a support case, but I don't see one under your Articulate ID. Do you have a case number handy?

If not, you can start a new case by clicking here. 

Juan Cerda

I had the same issue, and the problem was a .emf image (you usually get a .emf file when you copy and paste directly from a powerpoint)  I cropped this picture and used it in a Hover state interaction. I knew this picture was the problem because before I included it the export process was working just fine. I went back to storyline, removed the .emf picture, took the time to save the picture as jpg before importing it again that was it, no more problem.