Hangman Revisited or Creating a Non-Violent Storyline

Feb 05, 2013

Thanks to this forum and Jeanette Brooks, I started with a hangman story demo file but wanted to revise it so it would be acceptable for grade school use (specifically first grade). At that age, teachers frown on public hangings, even if it teachs spelling words. So after several false starts and the help of folks on this forum (and specifically Jeanette) I came up with a story project that adds body parts or slices of photos (built in Photoshop) as correct answers are given rather than when incorrect answers are given.That enabled me to reward good choices (rather than incorrect ones) and to switch away from the hangman motif.

A few caveats: First, I'm not a programmer so there's probably a far more elegant way to do this. Second, there's probably legacy, unneeded code left in the story file because I'm just experimenting and tweaking the original. Third, I don't understand every line of code in the story file, but I'm getting there. Still just a novice and doing this as a volunteer for a local elementary school.

Finally, I'm always interested in ways to improve the project, so I'd love to hear comments and criticisms AND since I stole this from Jeanette and Articulate, it's free for anyone else to steal and modify.

story version https://www.box.com/s/sry441liqwjt7nbxubn0

zipped version https://www.box.com/s/pneet2lzdur7guhs8jcb

As you can tell, I added a Clue button with audio, since we're trying to teach specific spelling words. This is just a small part of a 30-32 week (2/3rds finished) story project with weekly activities to teach spelling.

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Jonathan Bacon

Yes, I rarely use the same photos from week to week. Typically, I take a camera to class each week, take a group of photos, slice them in Photoshop (one slice for each letter in the spelling word they are to spell) and import into Storyline. On a few cases I use the same photo for all words (as with the snowman), but typically I use a different photo for each word.

I have adapted other games (shared by Articulate or others) so each week is NOT the hangman adaption (see https://www.box.com/s/lsc6q1jiqgteqyu5m919). Storyline keeps me busy in my retirement.

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