Hangman style interaction

Nov 30, 2012


I'm having problems with the attached - I wanted to create a hangman game style interaction.

- When you clck a letter in the alphabet I want it to show all instances of the letter but it does not seem to do that - it just shows the letter once even though I have put in triggers on every instance of the letter appearing.

When you click a letter it either goes red to show an incorrect selection or if correct puts the letter in the correct place in the answer, however, when you click another letter, the red letters return to the original state or the correct letters are removed from the answer.

I also want the timer to stop if all the letters in the answer are selected before it times out.

I think I may be being a bit too ambitious!  (correct answer is MOT CERTIFICATE)


Sal -

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Annie Jean

Hi Sally,

I have looked at your project file.

First thing, for the states of the different letters. You are using buit-in states that have behaviour of their own.

Look at the file and to the letter "A". What I have done is adding custom states and adjusting the triggers in accordance with them.

I f you click letter "A" first and then click another one, you get the result you are looking for.

Sorry, I didn't have time to look at the timer, will try to do so later.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Sally,

I took a look at your file - thanks for attaching it! Attached is a slightly tweaked version that I think will give you the behavior you want. 

One issue I noticed was that you've used the Convert to Freeform option to turn this into a Pick One question. With that question type, only one object on the slide can be selected at a time. That's why you're seeing the funny behavior when you click successive letters. The letter tiles and the tan tiles in the top section to become part of a button set - meaning that the tiles will act like radio buttons, in the sense that only one can be considered "selected" at a time. So here's what I did:

  • On the Insert tab, I clicked the Remove Freeform button so that this slide is no longer considered a Pick One question.
  • I also selected the entire group of tiles (the tan ones AND the letter tiles) and removed the Button Set feature from them by right-clicking the selected items and choosing Button Set > None. 

You also mentioned that some letters are not working properly when you click them - i.e., when multiple instances of the same letter exist, they're not all being revealed. Once I did the two steps above, the only occurrence of this seemed to be the letter T. That button only contained one trigger, which revealed only one of the T's in the puzzle. So I added 2 more for the 2 other occurrences of T in the puzzle. 

An easy way to stop the timer is to place a rectangle over the timing objects, and make it say "Congratulations" or something like that. Set its initial state to hidden, and then add a trigger to change it to its Normal state when the state of all the tan tiles are selected.

You might also consider showing learners the correct answer if they run out of time, rather than just telling them their time is up. The attached tweaked file has an example of this.