Happy for first project but little concerned with some issues

Aug 28, 2019

Hello Storyline community!

I'll ve brief. I'm happy that after 8 months working in a project, I almost finish it. It is worth it to say that when I started the project, I knew almost cero about working in Storyline, so this project has been a challenge.

My project is divided in 22 scenes and 142 slides. It is in Spanish. My first language is Spanish, and this project is to teach Spanish through literature.

By reading your forums, I have learned to fix the problems that I have found while developing the project,  but there are still some problems that I haven't been able to solve. That is why I'm here today with you.

Could you help me solve them?

To make this request easy for you, I put together the few slides that I couldn't fix and divided them in 7 scenes (don't worry. Most of the scenes have only one slide).On top of every scene, I included the question that I would like you to help me solve (as you will see, there are only 7 questions).

Could you help me? I would very much appreciate your help.

Here is the link for Review 360 where I included for your review.


I would also like to send you the project with the triggers and etc., but I don't know how to include them here. If you let me know, I'll do it.

Thank you in advance.


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Ramon Talavera


Thank you very much for your help. I contacted the storyline support team and I send them the .story file for their review. They responded very soon to all my concerns! Therefore, I think it is not necessary to attach the project here anymore. However, I really appreciate your willingness to help me. People like you are needed in virtual communities like this. I hope I can help you and others in the future.

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