Has anyone converted Storyline Output to mobile application?

I've successfully created content for both the iPad and HTML5.  However, there is a need to convert these outputs into a downloadable format (native application) using an internal distribution for ios and android. The goal is to enable end-users to have a stand-alone copy 'installed' on their mobile device.  I realize Storyline provides this with the Articulate application viewer - but we are looking for alternative options.

Has anyone had success doing this?  I've got my developers license for both formats - but need help determining the best workflow and application(s) for packaging.  I've had some success using Icenium, but I'm getting some odd behavior issues.

Thanks in advance.


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Michael Hinze

In addition to Icenium, you might also want to check out PhoneGapBuild. It's a web-based service that allows you to package HTML5 content into a variety of apps, incl iOS and Android. I had tried this service to create an Android app from a Storyline file, here is some info on this. Whatever mechanism you use to package your Storyline content into apps, you'll always have to content with the current HTML5 limitations and 'hiccups'.

Michael Hinze

Martinique, as Jerson mentioned, there are some bits and pieces required in order to create iOS apps, but from your original post it sounded like you already have an iOS developer license. With that you have the developer certificate and provisioning profile(s) required by PhoneGap. The setup for Android is simpler. By the way, here is a nice little tool you can use to generate the various Android app icons.

Martinique Dolce

Yes, This is very exciting! 

I've been struggling with this for a while and I'm glad to see others have found solutions - Thank you everyone!  You've saved me a few headaches.

I do have another question though:

I need to reduce my zipped file by about 5MB.  Any suggestions?  I've used an image compression type tool and the file actually increased by 1MB - Urggg (that's me growling). 

I think I also remember reading that .JS files can be bloated as well.


Jerson  Campos

Why does it need to by reduced by 5MB?  Also is the course you are planning to use designed for mobile or for larger screens like tables/desktop screens.  You could reduce the size of the file if it was designed for small screens. For me,  HTML5 does not mean mobile ready. There are a lot of design considerations that need to be made. 

Martinique Dolce

Michael Hinze said:

Martinique Johns said:

I just found this nifty tool called Android Asset Studio.  It helps convert your icons into the proper formats:  


LOL, we must have posted at the same time

I know!  Great minds thinking alike and all that!

Martinique Dolce

Just thought I'd post the answer to my question about file size.  I didn't realize how much compression you'd get using the quality setting when publishing.  My initial impulse was to publish using the highest quality setting.  By reducing the setting to 'standard', I found the difference in the higher quality setting and the standard setting (in terms of the images/user experience) was negligible. 

I was able to reduce my file size by 5MB by adjusting this setting.  Now, on to the PhoneGap project...

Carrie Albin

Hi Martinique,

I am just getting started developing some mobile apps using Storyline and PhoneGap.  Just wanted to touch base with you to see how your project went and if you have any lessons learned that you could share.  ;)

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!  

Shawn Haag

Does anyone have any advice on whether to use Articulate to develop a mobile app, with possibly using PhoneGap to create a nice HTML-5 wrapper vs. using an app development program to build a native app. 

I am looking at developing a case-based app that would be available for download and offline and will include branching scenarios as a learner goes through the experience. I am new to Articulate so am wondering the best option here. 

Landi Jacobs

Good day all!

This has been very helpful! However, has anyone had a situation where you need to publish a Storyline course to be available within a mobile application? 

The Mobile application is a custom build application for the client holding a number of pieces of content.  The Storyline course is one of the pieces of content.

Do I still need to package using PhoneGap or can I simply publish for web as normal?  Some of the content will sit within the app itself on the mobile and will not be cloud-based.

Look forward to some great advice.  :-)