Has anyone else had crashes like this? Big red X in left pane!

This has been happening to me with multiple files, randomly (or so it seems) 1 to 20 times a day. I'll be working away and I get a big red X over the left pane (can't see the slides anymore) and an error message that says "Storyline might close".  It rarely closes - in fact I have time to save my file - but I always close and re-open because otherwise I cannot view the slides in the left pane in order to navigate between them.  (See attachment for a pic.)

I'm running Storyline 360 in Parallels on a MacBook Pro. It happens in both coherence view and normal view. I think it might be somewhat more frequent if I have a lot of other files open, but I have not tracked it carefully. It's been happening for months.  My OS and versions of Parallels and Storyline are up to date. 

Is this happening to anyone else? 

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Jeff Forrer

I have a high end laptop MSI which had Windows 7, I had to upgrade to Windows 10 bc Win7 not being supported anymore by Microsoft.  Ever since, I can't get SL360 to work at all.  Crashes as soon as I try to do anything, such as add a text field, and also red x's, but even red x in middle of screen as well (see attachment).

I have tried repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling, latest version of SL360 and 360, still no luck.  Going to try to open another case with Articulate, not sure why I can't get it to work on this machine, my desktop already with Win 10 works fine.

Articulate is pretty good about looking into issues, I would open a case as well.

Good luck.