Has anyone experience browser compatibility issues with HTML5 when publishing from SL1?

I have a client that has several courses published in HTML from SL1.  Because of continuous Flash issues, we decided that we need to move these to HTML5.  We assumed we would have to upgrade to 360, but once we did that ran into lots of pathing and formatting issues.  Therefore, we are considering keeping these courses in SL1, but publishing them in HTML5.

The following link causes some concerns regarding browser compatibility (bottom of page):  https://articulate.com/support/article/comparing-storylines-flash-html5-and-articulate-mobile-player-output  Are there any plans to improve this?  If so, when?  Also, has anyone had experience with this and would like to share?  

Much appreciated!

Trevor D. Rasmusson

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Trevor,

There are not currently plans to change the Storyline 1 browsers that are supported for HTML5. HTML5 has come a long way since Storyline 1, and we've continued to include more support and more options as our tools have grown as well. 

You mentioned issues with upgrading it to Storyline 360, and that's something we could take a look at as well to help narrow down what may have occurred. Do you want to share a copy of your course with us here?