Has anyone had problems with an MP4 Created in captivate 6

I was having problems with a MP4 Created in Captivate 6 and brought into Storeyline. The video was a 6 minute video but stopped at 2.12 mins into the video. It was very strange as some people could watch the MP4 video not in articulate storeyline but in windows media player and some could not.  I was able to have this working by publishing swf  and by using a player from Captivate 6 but not without. a player bar?? Anyone have this problem?  If so please let me know what you didn't to resolve the issue...

Thank you...


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Elle,

I haven't personally used Captivate, but I know quite a few of our community members have. What method are you using to insert the video? Are you inserting it as a web object? I ask this, because you mentioned that it won't function properly unless the player bar is enabled. 

Also, when does this issue occur? When you preview, publish, or after the course has been uploaded and viewed from a web server or LMS?

Michael Hinze

Elle, I am a Captivate (version user, have used Captivate-created MP4s in Storyline and never had a problem. Maybe there is some element (Text entry box, slidelet?) on the Captivate slide around the 2:12 min.mark that causes the problem? I would go back into the Captivate file, hide the slide(s) around 2:12, republish the file as MP4 and then re-import into Storyline. If it works, then you at least know what to investigate further.