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Steve Gannon

Hi Ted,

When I saw the new feature allowing us to rollback to a prior version, I took the leap and installed the November 27th update...and quickly ran into a bug that wasn't in the October 30th update. I was pleased to find that the re-installation of the prior released worked great.

(The bug I encountered had to do with previously selected marker panels not closing when a new marker on the same slide was selected. This only seemed to occur in the HTML5 output and with a project upgraded from Storyline 2...I couldn't replicate it in a file created from scratch in Storyline 360.)


Ted Nguyen


Thanks for the updates. I usually install every new updates when they come out. I have learned my lesson. Like you, I would do it and roll back if there's any issues. That takes up too much time. I'll wait until more comments get posted and do the update utility to update all our courses to the LMS at once.  

Articulate Updater: How to Mass Update Published Courses



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Steve,

Keep in mind the Articulate Updater tool will only update back to these versions:

If you need features or fixes in the current build, Storyline 360, build 3.22.17236.0 you'll need to install that update and republish. 

Steve Gannon

Right, I was aware of the limitation with the Updater tool, Ashley. I was just referring to the latest build versus the one released in October. Just having the ability to back up a build without having to contact Support for a link is a tremendous time saver, especially during the first couple weeks after an update has been released, because that's when most of the more obvious bugs in the new update tend to reveal themselves.

Adena Wilson

Hi. I applied the Nov update and soon found that when I published to web* the file frames.json  (in the story_content directory) was missing. I thought it was a glitch and so I republished the course, but the file was still missing. I came across this thread and decided to roll back to the October update. When I republished again, the file was there. 

Is there a way to find out if the missing frames.json file is in fact a result of the update? And if that is the case is that something that will be fixed?

I will say that this is pushing the boundaries of my understanding of this side of launching a course, so my next comment comes in that context: I am worried that I will not be able to apply future updates if it means not having the frames.json file when publishing to web. 



*We publish to web because we currently do not have an LMS; our web programmers take care of launching the courses.

Ted Nguyen

Wow. Thank you everyone for the updates. I went ahead and update too. I am sure Articulate's crew is working on the fixes. Crossing my fingers that any lesson I publish from here on work on all platforms... I am rolling back to the 3.18 version.

Kennethg Goeieman I am noticing too, the large consumption of computer resources. 

Adena Wilson, I published our courses to Web also.  I do a QA on our LMS before releasing live. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kennethg, Adena, and Ted,

I'm sorry you've run into trouble with the latest updates of Storyline 360 - but we're here to help. I didn't see any support cases for you yet. I'd recommend working with our Support Team directly so that we can determine the exact issue you're each running into.

Let me know if you need help connecting with the team, but you can share all the details by submitting a case here.

Ted Nguyen


For me, when I run the SL and during production.  Changing slides to importing graphics etc... my computer fan would kicked in and freezes.  Sometime SL would crashed.  This only happens with I run the latest SL updates.  My system is an i7 2.9GHz, 24 GB RAMS with a 1 TB HD, and only 200 GB used.