Has image quality been fixed in Storyline 3?

One of the things that made me look for alternatives to Storyline is it's automatic compression of images added to a project. Screen captures are generally blurry, no matter what the quality of the original image. 

Many people complained on the forums about this, so has this been fixed in Storyline 3? 

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Nicola Appel

Hi Niels, you can adjust the quality settings before publishing: http://drops.articulate.com/ZbRqGb/4aBYnHEM. When you're in the publishing menu, just click on the link next to Quality.

For more info, you can check out the Storyline 3 user guide: https://community.articulate.com/series/130/articles/storyline-3-publishing-a-course-for-lms-distribution#step4

Stephane Cyr

I ran into the same problem as many have described regarding quality of screen captured images when published. The text in the image is usually fine on the slide in SL but it becomes blurred on the published slide.

I get a net improvement if I don't scale images in SL. I do a screen capture, I scale the image in Photoshop or even in Paint, I save the image in .png format and I import the scaled image on a slide in SL.

Make sure that you don't change the scaling of the imported image in SL. In Size and Position... the scaling should show 100%. The published results is much better this way.

Niels Vollrath

Thanks Stephane, I noticed that you better not scale images in SL a while ago. But we still had the same problem. What did the trick was to have the player size fixed and not scaled to fit the browser window. When you do that, images are nice and crisp. As soon as SL scales anything, even the player itself, the quality suffers badly. 

For us that's not a huge issue, as we have all eLearning done on the same screen sizes, but if I were to develop adaptive content, this would be a big problem.