Have a drag object acceptabllle to multiple targets


I have a 2 drag options named the same in the label (not the drag name) and each one can go into one or another target and still  be graded correctly. Is this possible. I tried to give multiple names to the the Drag item, but it would let me. I also can't give multiple target items to one drag item. Any ideas?




PS Adding an attachment. Drag8 and 10 can both go into target 8 and 10.

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Walt Hamilton


Only 3 of the four objects can be dropped. The "No" object can't be dropped. Adjusting the triggers on the "Yes3" object to match those of the "No" object will give you two objects that can be dropped. Changing the conditions of those two objects will allow them to be dropped only on specified targets. This sample presents the principles that you need to use to make your module function correctly. You will need to make adjustments to fit your specific details.