Have an object stay in a visited state

Jul 09, 2018


I am having trouble getting my object to stay in a visited state.  I have a hover trigger set up so that when the mouse is hovered over the object it will glow.  When the user clicks on the object, it will bring them to another layer.  I'm trying to get it so when the user clicks done on the layer and it brings them back to the base slide, the object will stay in the visited state so they know they completed that section.  I also want to use those visited states to then set a trigger for the Next button to show up when all have been visited.

The problem I am having is that it will go into the visited state but then revert back to normal when the mouse moves or you click on anything else. 

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Cary Glenn

Okay I think I figured it out. You used custom states instead of the inbuilt ones. I suggest deleting the glow and complete states and use the built in states (Selected, Hover, Visited). This should make your course work and won't need all the custom triggers. I only have Storyline360 and it looks like you built this Storyline 2. So it won't help you for me to share the edited version.

Chris Roetzer

Not much to add here (and you got what you needed Averi), but SL is a little "buggy" with its states, particularly Visited (perhaps only since that one is often triggered off of). Agreeing with Cary, I recommend avoid using custom states where possible, you have better luck usually with the prebuilts. Sometimes deleting objects or triggers and re-establishing them gets you through. Lastly, don't overlook considering your slide property settings for revisits. "Automatically decide", the default, is usually ok depending on what you need. Sometimes that's your issue vs. your states and triggers. Be sure you're good with the behaviors of each revisit setting: https://community.articulate.com/articles/adjusting-slide-properties

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