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Wendy Farmer

Hi Nate

created a T/F variable called 'slidevisited' and default to false. If they click the departments in a specific order add a trigger to the first department. If they can select in any order add the trigger to every slide and it will only trigger the once when a department slide is accessed.

Adjust variable 'slidevisited' to true when timeline starts on slide 'department A'.

Then add another trigger to the map. Stop audio 'audioname' when timeline starts on condition that 'slidevisited' variable = true.

Hope that helps - if not, you can use the Add attachment button to upload your .story file and someone can help you - easier if they can see the setup.

Nate Scarritt

I am having some trouble following the steps as I haven't done variables before.  Is there any way I could ask for maybe a bit more detailed steps on adding the the slidevisited variable to just 1 slide?  I am getting a little lost on the instructions that I've found so far.

I'd really appreciate it!