Have different Revisited States

Mar 04, 2014

I am creating a course and I require to be able to change the revisited state depending how the layer is opened. I have two layers, each containing an instructional video.

The user can move between the two layers and I require the default action to be 'Resume Saved State'. This is so the video's continue where they were previously. This is easy to achieve as I simply set Layer Properties to 'Resume Saved State'.

If the user moved to a third layer and returns to either of the previous layers, I require the layers to 'Reset to Initial State'.

Is there any way I can reset the video's manually?.

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Aisha Mackay

Thanks for the reply Phil,

I don't quite understand what you mean though.

When I say a third layer, that's simplifying it, there are several other layers I can show before returning to the video layers. There are also numerous video layers so the size of the slide would be increased massively if I had to duplicate each layer for both slides.

Phil Mayor

If you duplicate a slide with a video on it will not increase the size of the slide as Storyline has an internal library to deal with this.

You cannot change the revisited state it is set just once.

I would have had two different layers that are called at different times based on which layers they were viewing, if this won't work you could use a media stop start trigger on the video based on a variable value that is set when you visit the layer.

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