Have interview for a Storyline Job and can't open old work samples (SL2) in SL360


I have an interview for a job creating Storyline elearning.  They first want to ssee work samples, so I wanted to just upload my old Storyline files and resave as html5 so they won't have the "Flash" issue in viewing them.  

I don't own Storyline, since my employers were always the ones who did and since I am hoping that remains the same, I downloaded the SL 360 trial.  I can't open the SL 2 files, though, since the trials don't allow that.  

Is there any way to update my SL 2 files to html5 without having to buy the software?  It's jsut a bit too expensive for someone who is not employed right now!  Thanks! 



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Mary Johnson

Hi there, 

Yes, actually I found several places it says that Trial versions do NOT go backward and automatically open items created with prior versions.  The error message I kept getting said "this was created in a previous version" which made me think that wouldn't matter, and that is how I learned that the Trial versions won't allow you to view ones created with previous versions. 

So next, I downloaded Storyline 2, as that is what I used to create the project but THAT would also not let me open the file and gave me the same message.  So now I am at a loss.  

Thanks for any help you can offer!