Have Next button appear after other pages visited

May 25, 2023

Hello, I am not able to get a Next button unhidden after button links have been followed.   

There are 3 buttons on a main slide that go to 3 individual exercise slides, which then all lead back to the main slide after submission, before navigating to a subsequent slide.

The Next button on the main slide is set as hidden unless all 3 buttons are visited. After visiting those 3 exercise slides, the main slide Next button should appear since a "change state" trigger is used to change the state of the Next button to "Normal" if all 3 buttons have changed to "Visited". But I can't get it to work.

It works if I preview only the main slide but not if I preview all of the slides.

Any help much appreciated.

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Walt Hamilton
I can't at the moment look at your project, but this discussion has a sample that does what you describe.
The Restricted Navigation does not show the link to the next section until the previous section has been viewed. The Mixed Navigation allows the various sections to be visited in any order, but does not allow going to the End until all sections have been viewed. The Free Navigation allows the sections to be visited in any order, and the End to be visited at any time.
If you are currently using a trigger that shows the last button "when all the buttons are visited", that may be your problem. The "when buttons are visited" works well if you never leave the original slide (for example, if you are visiting layers, not other slides), but is not always reliable if you are going to other slides and returning.
Judy Nollet

These triggers on the menu slide will never run, because the variables change on other slides. 

The attached file shows how I'd program this.

  • I put the triggers to control the NEXT button on a layer that will "Reset to initial state" when revisited. There's also a trigger on the base to show the layer. There's nothing on the layer, so it's invisible to the user.
  • The triggers on the layer run when its timeline starts, which will happen every time the user returns to the slide. Those triggers control the NEXT button with conditions that check the variables that indicate whether the other slides have been visited. 
    • You'll see that my trigger changes the NEXT button to Disabled instead of Hidden. I do that because it keeps the button in place, which prevents the lower navigation items from moving around. 

You can find more info about using invisible layers to run triggers here: TIP: the Incredible Power of Invisible Layers - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes

You can find more info about controlling the NEXT button here: TIP: Controlling the NEXT Button 101 - Articulate Storyline Discussions - E-Learning Heroes