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Leslie McKerchie

Hello David - Looks like you are wanting some community feedback here and hopefully users will chime in to share their experience with this feature.

It's designed to assist in balancing volume across your course as you can see in our documentation:

  • Mark the Optimize Audio Volume box to normalize audio throughout your course for consistent volume across all slides.

    Tip: If your course audio already has consistent volume, you can speed up the publishing process by unchecking this option.

Looking forward to what others have to say as well.

Lisa Lam-Cadieux

Hi Leslie,

Does optimizing override all the sound settings within slides? For example, I have narration that i'd like to optimize so they're consistent, however, I also have a few sound clips (key board typing sound for example)...I've decreased the volume on these so they're not so obtrusive.   

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Chris.  Here's the detail:  Our audio-optimization feature is compliant with European Broadcasting Union (EBU) R128 rules for loudness normalization and permitted maximum level of audio signals.  

So, what on earth does that mean?  ☺️....Sometimes that means lowering the audio level, and sometimes it means raising it to make sure that the entire audio of the course falls within the same range of "loudness" based on the specifications laid out in that regulation.