Have you used Storyline to train IT professionals?

I'm looking for examples of Storyline used for training IT topics. I'm trying to persuade a faculty member on the merits of using it for her undergraduate online Networking class for some exercises on configuring a network. So students would need to drag and drop a router icon, connect it to a server icon, and so on.

If you know of anything that comes close to simulating such an activity, I would love to see an example!  Thank you!

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Scott Wiley

It could be quite difficult and complex to make it a completely freeform interaction, where the user can choose any node and drag to any other node, and then submit to see of any or all are correct.

You  could simplify it by breaking the interaction into smaller "chunks" so to speak.  Screen by screen / Slide by slide.

For instance, you could highlight that for the first part of the interaction, you only want to have them drag an object from Linux-host 3 to the correct drop object (SW 1). If they drop it incorrectly, give some feedback, set the drag item back to its starting point and have them try again until they get it right.

If dropped correctly, jump to next slide where you highlight the next node, the correct line in the diagram is in the image now, and so on.

Just a thought on how it can be done more easily in Storyline. If debating on the right tool for a full free-form interaction like you described, you might consider something like ZebraZapps.

Janet DiVincenzo

Hi Scott,

That's excellent advice. What I envision we might do is use the Challenge - Choice - Consequences approach to let students configure the network and see the consequences of their actions. 

Reference: https://elearningindustry.com/3-cs-of-branching-scenarios

I'm not aware of ZebraZapps but I'll check it out.