Having an issue with variables

Jan 08, 2021

I am trying to build an interaction with a number variable. If the learner adds the correct variable then they go to a correct layer - if they add any other variable they go to an incorrect layer. 

The correct layer variable works fine until I add the incorrect layer variable trigger. If they add the correct variable it takes them to the incorrect layer.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

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Dave Cox

Hi Kate,

It's really hard to tell for sure just from a screen capture. If you can share you .story file, we could help you find a solution.

However, the one thing that I see from your screen capture that I can suggest, I would change your second and third triggers to look like this:

I think that this has a better chance of working the way you want it to. This give the script a chance to first update the variable, and then act on it after it has successfully updated.

Also selecting Not Equal to 4 covers all options other than the correct answer of 4. Selecting equal to 0 doesn't do that.