Having Difficulties Embedding a Video in StoryLine

Dec 16, 2016

Hi all.

My company has been using Storyline 1 for the last several years  as a way to embed our videos (and other things). Up until yesterday it worked like a champ. All of a sudden, the embedded videos are not playing. I have checked older videos (they play fine on our LMS), I have downloaded StoryLine 360 and like 1 it has the same issue. Our code has not changed for the past two years. I'm at a loss. Thoughts??


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

How are you inserting the videos? Are you using either of the options mentioned here?  I'd recommend using the web object option as I know that YouTube changed some of their API parameters and that impacted how videos displayed within Storyline's published output. 

If they're the same videos and they're still not working when uploaded to your LMS, are you able to test in any other environments such as SCORM Cloud? It's an industry standard for testing LMS content. This article will walk you through how to test it out.