Having issue with changing state of object in slide master using variable in slide

Hi there,

I am building assessment for 100 questions. I have to change state of object when I answer each quiz. there are some normal slide between each quiz. I have used variable to change state of an object on master slide. When I answer the quiz, it changes state of object to orange color from hidden state. When I answer the next quiz, the orange state of previous quiz change to blue color and the current quiz box becomes orange color from hidden. The issue I am facing is that when I am moving forward, I see some flicker in object state once it changed to orange color. Right it is just 6 boxes. If I have more that, I can see more flicker between when object states changes.  find the sample file here.

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mitesh mistry

Hi Kamil, I tried to change state based on what you suggested, but still I can see flicker. It looks like when I change variable value to change state. it always go to normal state for fraction of second and then move to new state. Is there a way to have only custom state ? I think normal state is the issue here.