Having issue with Hotspot sensitity.

Sep 17, 2016

Does anybody know if it is possible to adjust the sensitivity of a hotspot. I have been receiving complaints regarding courses in which a learner is clicking on the exact location of the hotspot but storyline says they are incorrect. When I view the source file I can see the hotspot and when I preview the slide and click it myself, it also behaves as if I did not hit the mark. I have to move my  mouse all over the location until it finally accepts my click as hitting the hotspot.

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Daniel Pringle

Hello Wendy,

This was a Hotspot created when I did a screen capture and published in Try mode. I fixed one slide by deleting the Hotspot Storyline added, and manually placing one on the slide and making it extremely larger than the target area.

I have not tested for a particular browser.

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James Holt

Hello Daniel,
This is one of the reasons I have started using transparent shapes with states as an alternative to hotspots.

  1. Drop a shape with a solid and no outline.
  2. On the Format ribbon and select “Format Shape” and set the Transparency to 100%
  3. Next, add a Hover state to the shape.
  4. Finally, setup your trigger.
Daniel Pringle

Here you go. Thanks for taking a look. I was able to fix the issue, however, this was the presentation I was having the difficulty on. Slide 1.4 shows an example of the size I increased the hotspot vs. what I wanted the size to be.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for those shots.  For some reason the project didn't come through, and it shows 0 bytes.  Maybe it got squirrelly on the way over.

But in your screenshots I see what you're saying; yeah it's a tiny hotspot, but if the mouse is right where it should be, I would expect it to work.  Maybe an issue with mobile devices, but desktop should work fine.  I did a quick mock up with some small icons to click in Try Mode, and mine worked fine.

In any event, if you need some further help, or if this trouble persists, reach out to our engineers in a support case; maybe there's a deeper issue at play that they can investigate.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for sharing your case number. I gave our team a heads up about the post here as well, so one of our Support Engineers will be in touch as soon as possible. 

I don't see similar reports of a hotspot quiz showing incorrect when the user clicked on the correct option, but our team will dig into your file to check!