Having Issues with Color in Storyline 2

I was using the Glow feature around shapes but it suddenly stopped working correctly. The initial color palette was replaced by subdued colors, several set to grey. See first two pix.

I shut down my system thinking it was perhaps a memory issue. That didn't help.

After not finding a solution here online, I decided to use a suggested alternative to the Glow feature... making a shadow function as a custom glow. That worked perfectly on one slide. As soon as I went to the next slide, I could no longer create the custom solution. See third pix - the fill color is a bright orange, but the shadow around the "Sales Data" box is blue. It doesn't matter which color I choose - it is always wrong.

Anyone know what is happening? Thanks in advance.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Katt!

The Glow color options are related to the theme colors you have selected for your project. It sounds like your theme colors may have gotten switched. Here's how you can switch them back:

  • Click the Design tab.
  • Click the Colors dropdown.
  • Select the theme colors you were originally using in your project. By the looks of your screenshot, I think you were using the Office theme.

For your custom shadow glow, drag the Distance slider to the right, and you'll be able to see the custom shadow color.