Having issues with resuming from where I left off

Mar 29, 2016

Dear Heroes,

I am experiencing an issue with resuming from where I left off in a SCORM package.

Issue: the course allows me to resume where I left off up to module 4 but after this, it always returns me to module 4.

Background: I inherited the project so there's lots of variables which I didn't design. I've tried to 'renovate' rather than 're-build' but I fear that I've stripped out some variables that need to be there. I've tried to re-work but it has beaten me. I've tested the course in the SCORM cloud and it behaves in the same way as on my LMS (Totara 2.7).

SL2 file attached.

Thanks in anticipation,


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Dean Wasche

Thanks for your help Mike, Phil and Christie. Having investigated further, I don't think it is connected to the triggers as they are all driving specific interactions on the respective slides. I have just finished playing around with scorm 2004. SL2 doesn't seem to give me the option to select the edition. Am I missing something? When I publish to 'LMS - scorm 2004' I get the same issue. Publishing to scorm 2004 also upsets some of my animations. Is this to be expected? I fear that I may have to live with this one.  

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