Having Issues with Right-Click functionality in Quiz Questions

I know there are several posts about the right-click issue...I've read through many of them, and am still having difficulty.  Because I develop training for software, this is a vital functionality.

I do understand that the right-click doesn't function in Preview mode.  I am publishing these to our LMS to test.

I have 3 Pick One questions where the user has to right-click on a button (which is essentially a custom image with states assigned to match the software).

I tried it using a Hotspot instead, and that wouldn't work when published in the LMS either.

I am using Trigger 'Submit interaction when user right-clicks X Button'.

In the Form View of the question, there isn't an option to Right-Click.

I would like to know if there is a specific way I need to set up these questions.

I am also publishing it with all the options for HTML5 checked.





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