Having problem copy/paste a layer

Hi all experts!

I hope you can help me with this one.

I have a layer with a large amount of triggers and variables. Now i want to copy this layer to another Storyline 2 file. And it just doesn’t want to be pasted...

I have also tried to paste it in the same file, and it does not work.

If i create a new layer i can copy/paste this both in the same file as well as to another file.

Are there any restrictions on the copy/paste layers function if you have a large amount of triggers and variables?

Thanks in advance for all replies that will help me whit this :-)


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Mats Schieche

Hi Ashley,
hmmm, there is no problem to copy/paste a layer between two Storyline files! I just mark the layer, select copy and then past it in the second file. it works perfectly. :-)

But it does not work for this file, that have the large amount of triggers and variables.
So the question is, are there any restrictions on when i can copy/paste a layer within a Storyline file?

Best Regards,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Looks like I was clicking in the wrong part so I wasn't getting "paste" as an option. I generally steer clear of copy/paste between files as I don't think it's as reliable as importing - and as you can see with a large amount of triggers/variables it can not work as expected. If you import just that slide, could you then delete all the elements on the base layer and add the elements you need? Or once it's in the existing file is it easier to copy the pieces to the layer you've set up on the slide you need? 

Mats Schieche


I ended up copying each variable and reentered all triggers.

The strange issue here is that I can't copy/paste the layer even if it is in the same file and on the same slide.
When I press paste it just not happening.


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