Having some strange issues with the color red in Storyline

Aug 21, 2014

Hi. Today I finally began using the Storyline 30-Day Trial. My computer is a Mac but I'm running Parallels Desktop which allows me to run Windows too. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Anyway, I made some graphics objects with programs on my Mac that I've inserted into my Storyline Project. A number of the graphics objects are red. When I preview the slides containing those objects in Storyline, the red objects are not displaying as a uniform color.

I've attached a screenshot from one of my slides from a preview of my project.

Some observations from the screenshot:

The graphic that says "Don't Zap Mike" looks blotchy. So does the "M" emblem on the character to the left. And so does the curved red line around his neck. The graphic "Score" at the top also is subtly blotchy but not as bad as the other blotchy objects.

For some reason, the red cape looks smooth even though it's red. And the green graphic that says "Zap Mike" also looks fine — there are no blotches.

All the graphic objects are pngs.

Does anyone know what's going on? I haven't seen a problem like this in any of my Mac software.



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D. Mirsky

It's me again. I decided to change the publishing settings of my project. I changed the settings for images to 100% and published my project to see the results. The red objects in the published project definitely look better, though there still may be some slight blotchiness.

But previewing from within Storyline still shows blotchy red objects. Apparently the publishing settings don't affect the previews.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi D,

The publish settings are specific to just that - and won't change how things are viewed or played within the preview. I see some graininess to your image - although I feel like the green text looks similar and you mentioned that its ok? I don't know a lot about creating graphics on the Mac (or in general graphics programs) but am curious if there are different settings there for quality that you could adjust before saving as a png? Did you try other file types as well? Are you doing any scaling of the elements before/after inserting into Storyline? Do you see the same behavior with red on a graphic you create on the windows side?

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